This Startup Is Innovating In Protein Sythesizers

Protein synthesizers speed up the production of enzymes, therapeutics and lab reagents.

Toronto-based Liberumbio’s product use proprietary molecular and hardware technology, enabling biological manufacturer to bring speed, scalability and to reduce cost to protein synthesis.

The market size of recombinant proteins today is $119 billion. But it’s expected to reach $400 billion just by 2025. To get there, a better approach to innovation is needed. To produce any sort of custom recombinant protein, it takes weeks. This dramatically slows down scientists’ ability to test, iterate, and improve. Liberum’s affordable, benchtop device will cut that time down to a few hours. Scientists will love the control this gives them over their work. Liberum strongly believes that as custom proteins get as easy as pushing a button, the current $18 billion market for custom proteins will take a larger share of the overall market.

The company’s verticals include:

Academia: functional and structural biology and custom protein-based lab reagents
Cultured Meats: custom-made cytokines and growth factors for development purposes
Pharma: pre-clinical research, personalized medicine and drug development
Manufacturing: functional genomics and metabolic engineering for industrial applications

The company was recently accepted in IndieBio, a life sciences startup incubator that allocates each team $250,000 in seed funding plus lab and co-working space and dedicated mentorship. Afterwards, each company becomes part of a network of IndieBio alumni, investors, and biotech entrepreneurs.

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